Websites and Apps

STEMRocks has curated the following websites and mobile applications to implement programs and activities for K-12 students and teachers that will enrich their STEM understanding.

Charleston STEM Festival

Charleston STEM Fest App

The Charleston STEM Fest App will allow users to engage and be aware of events at their annual Charleston STEM Festival. Come celebrate Science, Technology, Engineer, & Mathematics (STEM) at the annual Charleston STEMFestival. The app will allow users to take a survey to give feedback on the event as well as interact with over 80 exhibitors.

Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out App

Sometimes girls need to discern their own unique path toward STEM careers. They need to know that woman can excel in science and engineering and what this can eventually lead to in terms of career choices. The purpose of this girls-only event is to answer some of those questions these young ladies may have and overcome some of the uncertainties that keep many smart and capable females from pursuing STEM careers.

Palmetto Cyber Camp

Palmetto Cyber Camp

Founded in 2011 Our camp is run entirely by incredible, selfless volunteers. From NIWC employees to summer interns, our organization's mission is carried out through the hard work and dedication of individuals who volunteer their time and love to provide great experiences and memories for individuals who are interested in STEM. The annual Palmetto Cybersecurity Summer Camp is a 5-day camp that provides rising 5th - 12th grade students with the opportunity to learn cyber and STEM skills through hands-on activities and interactions with experts in those fields. After experiencing something far different from the usual summer camp, this growth mindset will give your child a better understanding of both cyber and STEM concepts and more importantly confidence in their ability to design and create.

Tri-County STEMersion

Tri-County Stemersion App

Tri-County STEMersion App serves as a digital career knowledge campaign for educators, parents, and students of Berkeley, Charleston Dorchester Counties in South Carolina The Tri-County STEMersion (TriCS) App serves as a digital career knowledge campaign for educators, parents, and students of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties in South Carolina. The TriCS App includes details about in-demand careers, cultures, product development, skill needs and competency requirements of the region’s robust companies. In addition, the TriCS App features new industry-inspired lessons for use in South Carolina’s K12 system to propel all students to become global learners and thinkers. The lessons reinforce the importance of math, science and soft skills for the region’s workforce and economic growth and permits students to "touch" the workplace by connecting them to the skills required in the world of work. Finally, the app includes ' industry-inspired classroom resources specific to local industries that stir the career interests of local students while compelling the students to use creativity, teamwork, persistence, initiative and problem-solving skills to innovate our next world.

Robotics STEM App

Charleston STEM Fest App

The Robotics Training, Instructions, Presentations, & Sources (TIPS) App is designed to help coaches, mentors, and teams navigate the FIRST® Robotics season. The app provides access to tools and resources needed to help make the seasonal challenge a success! The app includes resources such as Rubrics, Challenge information, Videos from experts, Judging Tips for the Territory of South Carolina, points of contact, links for Core Value activities, and much more.