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The ONR Internship Program provides opportunities for high school and college students to participate in research at a Department of Navy (DON) laboratory during the summer and encourage students to pursue a career in the science, technology engineering and mathematics fields.


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Frequently Asked Questions

NIWC does not have a formal dress code; however, business casual is fairly standard dress at this location. Business casual indicates clothing that is pressed, not dirty or frayed. Polo-style shirts, shirts with a collar, slacks, dresses/skirts (business length), dress shirts, suits, etc. are all acceptable. No shorts or flip flops and some sandals are inappropriate. No t-shirts. Jeans are also acceptable on Fridays and in some lab areas during the week. It is expected that all interns and visitors would dress appropriately for the professional environment. Clothing and dress that may be suitable at your school may not be appropriate for the workplace.

Generally, this is left up to the project lead due to differences in work schedules in some labs here on the base. However, as a rule of thumb, most interns are asked to be here between 8am - 4pm, Monday through Friday with 30 minutes for lunch. Some interns come in at 7am or 7:30am and leave around 3pm or 3:30pm. We are professionals and do not babysit our interns, however, we have had problems in the past with tardiness and individuals leaving early or taking long lunch breaks. Abuse of the policy may result in termination of the internship or a required check-in/check-out task. You are expected to be here 8 hours each day, 40 hours per week for the duration of your internship.

You will have a 30 minute lunch break built into your day. If you desire to take a longer lunch, then you are expected to work the additional time. You may bring your lunch or purchase your lunch from the cafeteria here in the main building (Bldg. 3147). You may not be working in the main building, as there are many projects not on the main base. You also have the option to go off base for lunch, but must consider the 30 minute time limit. There are only a few restaurants near the base (Hardees, Chinese, Subway, Arbys, Bojangles). Sometimes there are food trucks near various buildings as well. There are also tables outside of most buildings where you can quietly eat your lunch and read a book, etc.

There should be no personal time off during your 8 – 10 week internship. You should understand that you are expected to be here the full term of your internship. Some interns have pre-approved absences, but they have to be special, extreme circumstances. If you become ill while at work, you must notify the Intern Coordinators, your mentor/project lead, or the administrative assistant. If you are sick prior to reporting to work, you must notify the Intern Coordinators via email or phone before your scheduled work time. Abuse of this policy may result in termination of the internship. If you have an appointment scheduled during the work day; then please let me and your project know, and you will be required to make up the time. You will receive the observed July 3rd holiday as paid time off.

There are both cubicles, tables, and work desks here. Many of the interns located in the MRC (Multi-Disciplinary Center) lab will sit in a large area with laptop computers and a file cabinet/drawer for your belongings. If you are seated in other labs or workspaces, it will differ depending on the area you are assigned.

Many of you will be placed with a mentor that can accommodate one or two summer interns. Some interns will not work directly with another intern on a project but may sit near other interns. Many group activities are scheduled during the summer for you to participate in (tours of labs/facilities, lunch socials, after-work socials, training, etc). Trainings, presentations, and tours are mandatory but other social events are optional. These events help to keep you engaged with other interns and learn other things happening at NIWC.

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from work. We may be able to get temporary base access for your driver in advance of your internship but cannot accommodate changes that happen during the summer. There are restrictions about who can access the base, etc. If you have questions about this, ask well in advance of your start date or this may result in termination of your internship. We do not have bus transportation to our base.

During the internship, students visit other technical competencies and teams, attend seminars presented by engineers and scientists and participate in student working lunches with other NIWC interns.

A typical day may include any or all of the following:
- meeting with your mentor
- working on your project/research/experiment
- having lunch with other students/mentor/team
- touring another laboratory or team area at NIWC-Atlantic
- assisting your mentor with his/her project/experiment
- visiting another student’s lab to assist in his/her project/experiment
- attending a seminar or technical meeting
- attend training workshop